Innovative solution for enology

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Recently Silvateam has invested significant resources studying the role of tannins for oenological applications and developing innovative solutions to meet market requirements.

Our skilled technicians have mainly focused on the following activities:

  • Identification and selection of new botanical species (e.g. cherry and lemon) which behave consistently with the phenolic components of wine. These studies are in co-operation with leading companies of the wine industry
  • Development of innovative natural and healthy products in the food and beverage sector using powerful antioxidant tannins
  • Continuous improvement of the tannin extraction processes, implementing the purification steps of raw materials
  • Evaluation of the interactions among different classes of tannins and the typical molecules of wine and their applications
  • Study of the types and stages of wine making in which we can utilize different kinds of tannins

Silvateam Research & Development is managed by the company and has a close co-operation with leading Italian universities specializing in the oenological sector.