Raw materials for pectin production

The maximum yield using citrus peels

All vegetables and fruits contain pectin, but the amount varies between each type of fruit. The maximum yield occurs prior to ripening and varies from year to year due to different environmental conditions. The type and quality of fruits used, the harvest time and the enzymatic degradation are some factors influencing the chemical and physical properties of the final pectin.

The following classification is based on the average pectin content in different fresh fruits:

  • High pectin content: lime, lemon, orange and apple
  • Average pectin content: apricot and blackberry
  • Low pectin content: cherry, peach and pineapple

In the citrus fruits (orange, lemon and lime), pectin is mainly located in the albedo, the inner white layer of the peel that surround the juicy vesicles, and the lamellae. When juice is extracted from the fruit, the peel and the albedo can be used to make the pectin.