High methoxyl pectin

Suitable for high sugar jams, jellies and beverages

High methoxyl pectin has a relatively high portion of the carboxyl groups as methyl esters, greater than 50%.

HM pectin can be divided into rapid set, medium rapid set and slow set pectin depending on the setting time and temperature.

Gels made with HM pectins have a firm and short structure, and are clear, with a good flavour release. These gels are not heat reversible.

Apart from the setting time, HM pectins are standardised with respect to SAG grade, gel strength, setting temperature, viscosity and protein stability depending on the final application.

The table below shows a list of the key HM pectins, produced by Silvateam.

Product name Description Gel strength DM (%) Applications
Aglupectin HS-R Rapid 145 - 155 67 - 70
  • High sugar jams and marmalades
Aglupectin HS-MR Medium rapid set 145 - 155 64 - 67
  • High sugar jams
Aglupectin HS-S Slow set 145 - 155 58 - 64
  • Single portion jams
Aglupectin HS-ES Extra slow set 145 - 155 50 - 58
  • Confectionery jellies
  • Jams and marmalades
Aglupectin HS-RV Rapid set N.a. 64 - 67
  • High viscosity fruit beverages
Aglupectin HS-RAM Rapid set N.a. 70 - 72
  • Acidic protein beverages
Aglupectin HS-SB Buffered slow set N.a. 58 - 64
  • Confectionery jellies

The determination of gelling strength according to the USA-Sag method (Committee for Pectin Standardisation, 1959).

DM: Degree of Methoxylation