Conventional low methoxyl pectin

Suitable for organic jams and bakery jams

Conventional pectin (LMC) is a low methoxyl pectin that contains less than 50% of the carboxylic acid units esterified and forms gels only with polyvalent ions (Ca++, Mg++). LMC pectin permits to produce brittle thermally irreversible gels.

LMC pectins are typically standardised according to the gel strength, setting temperature and calcium reactivity.

The table below shows a list of the key LMC pectins, produced by Silvateam.

Product name Description DM (%) Applications
Aglupectin LC-S12 Conventional 31 - 35
  • Jams
  • Yoghurt fruit preparations
Aglupectin LC-S18 Conventional 35 - 41
  • Yoghurt fruit preparations
  • Organic jams and jellies
Aglupectin LC-S22 Conventional 46 - 50
  • Jams
  • Jellies
  • Yoghurt fruit preparations with high solids
Aglupectin LC-BF Conventional 35 - 41
  • Bakery jams

DM: Degree of Methoxylation