Organic Tara gum

Healthy and ethical living

The global organic food market reached $60 billion in 2009, growing 9.7% compared to the same period in 2008. The fruit and vegetable segment generated 31.5% of the global organic food market’s overall revenues. The global organic food market is expected to grow faster in the next 5 years reaching a value of $96.5 billion.

The market evolution reflects the ongoing influence of environmental issues and health in directing consumer choices:

  • Consumer interest in organic and local foods has shown continued growth, as outlets for local foods such as farmers markets and community-supported agriculture have grown.
  • The organic market has benefited significantly from being linked to health, ethical and sensory trends.
  • Consumers broadly believe that organic products are healthier for them, less harmful to the environment and taste better.

Following these important market trends, in 2004, Silvateam has established its Peruvian plantations of around 450 hectares located in the mountain region of Huánuco and the desert area of Ica.

Today Silvateam is the only producer of organic Tara gum worldwide. Tara is grown, harvested and processed according to strict organic standards. The organic Tara gum certification has been obtained by BCS OKO - Garantie Perù S.A.C., which is a worldwide recognised private controlling agency. Organic Tara gum is certified according to the following standards and regulations:

  • EU Regulation on organic agriculture.
  • NOP (National Organic Programme of the United States Department of Agriculture).
  • JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Products).

Organic Tara gum presents the same key benefits as standard Tara gum with the advantage that it can be used in a wide range of organic food applications such as baked goods, dairy products, frozen desserts, water jellies, fruit preparations, meat based products, sauces and dressings.