Tara gum, a safe and natural alternative to guar gum

Tara gum is part of the same chemical family as guar gum. Both of them have a similar molecular structure known as galactomannans. Tara has similar cold water solubility to guar gum. Tara gum has very similar thickening characteristics to guar gum but has some advantages:

  • The flow of tara gum is smooth and more natural whereas guar’s flow characteristic is more pseudo-plastic. Guar gum tends to lead to stringy drips and doesn’t flow smoothly.
  • The structure of tara gum is smooth and soft. Guar gum can have a slimy texture in some applications.
  • Tara gum in combination with Xanthan gum or carrageenan can form a very soft gel structure.
  • Tara gum is odourless and tasteless while guar gum has an unpleasant odour and taste.
  • The flavour release of tara gum is better than guar gum.
  • Tara gum when added to a gel can increase the gel elasticity and retain water within the structure. This improves the shelf stability of the gel.
  • Tara gum provides freeze-thaw stability by preventing the formation of ice crystals in ice creams.