Functional blends for sauces, dressings and condiments

The purpose of Aglutex® blends in sauces, dressings, and condiments is to bind the water to produce a stable water-in-oil emulsion.

In the tables below are represented the main stabilizer systems are represented, available in the Silvateam range for use in sauces and dressings, like Aglutex®E for chilled, UHT and canned sauces, Aglutex®ES for dressings and condiments.

Our technicians are available to develop new tailor-made blends to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Applications Product name Declaration Key benefits
Chilled, UHT and canned sauces Aglutex S90 E412, E415 and E407
  • Good quality/price balance
  • Hot and cold process technology
Suspended herb sauces and dressings Aglutex S45 E407 and E415
  • High resistant to acidity and heat treatment
  • Good herb suspension

Dressings and condiments

Applications Product name Declaration Key benefits
Mayonnaise, dressings, and condiments Aglutex ES91 E412 and E415
  • Good quality and price balance
  • Cold preparation
  • No starch
High viscosity hot process egg-free mayonnaises, dressings and condiments Aglutex ES88 E1422, milk proteins, soy proteins, E412 and E415
  • Hot preparation
  • Good stabilization, thickening, and emulsification
Low-fat dressings and enzyme resistant salad dressings Aglutex ES54 E440(ii) and E440(i)
  • Short structure
  • No syneresis in fresh coleslaw
  • Suitable for starch free mayonnaise
Balsamic vinegar and aromatic sauces for condiments Aglutex ES9521 E415 and E412
  • Good flavor release
  • Good stability at very low pH