Silvafeed® ATX: new tailor-made antioxidant for nutritional applications in animal feed

Silvafeed® ATX is a blend of selected natural extracts, obtained by a natural extraction process, suitable for animal nutrition.

The main benefits of Silvafeed® ATX are linked to the chemical properties of an exclusive selection of polyphenols: Vescalgin, Castalgin, Roburin, Procyanidins, Proanthocyanidins, Resveratrol, Catechins, Theaflavins, Epigallocatechins, Flavonol Glycosides and Quercitins. Due to the presence of polyphenols it is possible to reach a high antioxidant response, due to specific mechanisms of action, such as:

  • Radical scavenging.
  • Vitamin E regeneration.
  • Metal ion inactivation.
  • Inhibition of redox-sensitive transcription factors.
  • Inhibition of pro-oxidant enzymes.

Silvafeed® ATX acts as an appealing feed flavour and appetite enhancer. It also has some other notable benefits due to its active ingredient properties:

  • Enhances the organoleptic and technological quality of eggs and meat.
  • Improves the antioxidant status of the animals.