Silvafeed® VIP reduces odor and reduces diarrhea incidence in pets

Silvafeed® VIP is a natural extract suitable for pets. Silvafeed® VIP overcomes variations in taste and smell caused by formulation changes of feed diets. It permits the compensation for supply limitations by helping to standardize the flavor of the feed, to improve the palatability and acceptance which facilitates feed intake for the animal.

Silvafeed® VIP has astringent properties that slow intestinal peristalsis and improves the action of digestive enzymes. The final effect is a better feces consistency with a lower bacteria content.

Due to the presence of active components, Silvafeed® VIP carries out a selective bacteriostatic effect, thus promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and strengthening the body’s natural defenses against most pathogenic bacterial strains.

Silvafeed® VIP is also widely used in pet nutrition due to its capacity in reducing ammonia concentrations and fecal odor.

The selected blend of polyphenols of Silvafeed® VIP assures strong antioxidant properties and thus maintaining a healthy immune system.

Key benefits for pets

  • Decreased incidences of diarrhea.
  • Maximizes intestinal health.
  • Reduces feces odor.

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