Silvafeed® TSP boosts health and performance in aquaculture species

Silvafeed® TSP is a natural extract specifically designed for aquatic species. Silvafeed® TSP can support the gut health of fish and shrimp and consequently improve performance and efficiency in production.

Silvafeed® TSP has astringent properties that slow intestinal peristalsis and improves the action of digestive enzymes.

Several studies have shown excellent results when using Silvafeed® TSP as a potential alternative to antibiotics in aquaculture.

Due to the presence of active components, Silvafeed® TSP carries out a selective bacteriostatic effect, thus promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and strengthening the body’s natural defenses against most pathogenic bacterial strains, such as Lactococcus garviae, Yersinia ruckeri, Aeromonas hydrophila and Aeromonas salmonicida.

Silvafeed® TSP is also used to eliminate egg stickiness at different moments of the swelling process in artificially obtained eggs.

Key benefits for fishes

  • Boosts immunity against pathogens.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio.
  • Maximizes the intestinal health.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Has no negative side effects or withdrawal times.
  • Increases survival rates.

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