Silvafeed®: the right answer for a natural and balanced animal diet

Silvafeed® product range is based on natural extracts, containing secondary compounds naturally present in most of the world’s plants. During the evolution, animals instinctively learned how to select and take benefits from these micro-nutrients. However, in recent times, these compounds were lost due to modern breeding systems. Silvateam has re-introduced these essential elements into the diets of animals by using a thoroughly extensive and selective process and understanding the correct administration procedures for each species.

Silvateam is glad to offer its customers only 100% natural ingredients which are simple to use, appealing to animals and have a good flavour.

Together with a balanced diet, Silvafeed® is easy to dose and helps keep the feed components natural and healthy, to maintain its characteristics and long-lasting efficacy.

Silvafeed® range consists of the following products: