Selective extraction to preserve the functional properties of extracts

Silvafeed® products are obtained by a unique extraction process under specific conditions without the use of any chemical solvents. Thanks to the company’s industrial scale of production and strict quality control of raw materials, Silvateam can supply perfectly standardized extracts for professional farming. All products are water soluble, available in different forms and conveniently packaged, ready to deliver anywhere in the world.

All products are made to the highest quality standards. The manufacturing processes are continually improved to comply with the most recent health and safety regulations and international standards.

Silvateam’s success comes from a few factors:

  • Historical business differentiation across several industrial sectors.
  • Strategic positioning of its manufacturing plants.
  • Full control of the raw material supply chain.

Therefore, Silvateam has easy access to many varieties of plants, selected worldwide after decades of research. Only the most suitable plants are used for the Silvafeed® product lines.
A close relationship with production allows the company to convert ideas to marketable products rapidly and cost-effectively.

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