Innovation is the key to grow with customers

Silvateam invests significantly in research and development to study the properties and applications of its natural extracts.

In 2008 the Advanced Research Centre on Tannins and Polyphenols opened its doors in Italy to study the chemical composition and the activity of the different vegetable extracts used in animal nutrition.

Another Silvateam State of the Art Application Research Centre is based in Cortines, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was inaugurated in early of 2011. The experimental animal farm and laboratories evaluate the ruminal degradability and the intestinal digestibility of dairy and beef cattle.

Silvateam’s laboratories and pilot facilities in Italy also provide the expertise and know-how to develop and produce third party tailor-made extractions all the way to industrial scale up.

The research is carried out not only in company internal laboratories, but also in Certified Independent Research Institutes and National Universities across Europe (Italy, UK, Spain, and France), in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile) and North America (the United States).

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