Health and safety

Consumers have been widely aware that livestock diseases can have a strong negative impact on human health. That is why the quality of products that animal's consuming is of utmost importance.

Silvafeed® natural extracts are produced to meet the high-quality standards required by different regulations. The production process is constantly optimized to allow an increase in productivity due to the economies of scale achieved by Silvateam.

Silvateam has access to a wide range of raw materials that have been selected over the years and controls the traceability of its ingredients throughout all steps of the production process. The company operates by using good manufacturing practices and implementing rigorous analytical controls, from the raw material to the finished products.

The expert team ensures that all products conform to the exact standards of the feed industry.

Silvateam has obtained the Organic Certificate for Silvafeed® chestnut extract. In fact, Silvafeed® meets the requirements of Organic Product according to Regulation EC N. 834/07 and EC N. 889/08. The organic certification ensures the traceability of raw materials and finished products, ensuring product quality and consumer protection. The conformity certificate is proof of our company’s commitment to aiming at the true quality.

Silvateam is also certified FAMI-QS and ISO 9001.

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