FOOD & BEVERAGES EXPO June 3-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

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Plant based extracts are our passion

We are the world leader in the production of plant based extracts since 1854. These natural and sustainable products are suitable for a wide range of applications such as leather tanning, animal health and nutrition, food, beverages and many other industrial uses.

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Natural extracts for animal welfare

The right answer for a natural and balanced diet that meets farmers and industry expectations in terms of high production performance and good animal health, while appealing to animals through an attractive flavor profile.

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Texturizing solutions for the food and beverage industry

Specialty ingredients designed to enhance the texture, mouth-feel, appearance and taste in a broad range of applications, offering customized solutions, technical support and innovative ideas.

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Natural extracts for tanning top quality leathers

Premium products, state of the art technologies and qualified technical support for tanneries thanks to 160 years of experience and a well-known reputation for reliability, flexibility and respect for the environment.

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